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50% of Asians and 7% of non Asians suffer from a condition that prevents them from being able to enjoy alcoholic beverages because of an allergic reaction to alcohol. Are you one of them?

These Asian Glow symptoms are embarrassing at the least with a bright red face making you stand out like a traffic light in social situation. For these alcohol allergy sufferers alcohol and red face go hand in hand. An even darker side to this allergic reaction to alcohol, aside from symptoms sometimes, and in some people, being so bad they make you feel deathly ill can actually lead to esophageal and stomach cancer!

Molecular structure of Acetaldehyde.

What causes the red face and other alcohol allergy symptoms is when you drink your body digests alcohol a little different. As the body metabolizes the alcohol the digestive process produces a byproduct or waste product called Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is more toxic than the alcohol itself. Most individuals bodies have an active enzyme called Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) whose job is to break down the toxic Acetaldehyde. Individuals who suffer from the red face related alcohol allergy symptoms this enzyme is innactive or at least partically inactive. The end result is after drinking some alcohol your body has a lot of toxic Acetaldehyde running around. You body reacts with the classic Asian Glow Asian Flush symptoms.

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Checklist of Asian Glow symptoms.

Here is a list of all the possible Asian Glow Asian Flush symptoms you may experience when you consume alcoholic beverages. You may experience only one or two of these symptoms or all of them. You may not experience any Asian Flush or Asian Glow symptoms at all some of the time when you drink but sometimes you do. Each person who experiences this alcohol allergy is unique and their symptoms and pattern of symptoms is equally unique. This list is ordered from the most common Asian Glow symptoms at the top to the least common at the bottom. How many of these Asian Glow symptoms do YOU experience. If you would like check off the symptoms you experience and submit it to us for research purposes. You identity is never revealed because we don't ask for it.

1. Asian Glow Asian Flush symptoms
(which of these symptoms do you experience?)
  • red face (red face symptom most common)
  • red patches or blotches on other parts of body
  • itching of skin
  • congestion
  • runny nose
  • sensation of upper body or head pressure
  • racing pulse
  • difficulty breathing
  • headache
  • much worse hangover the next day than would be expected
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
How frequently do you experience allergic reactions to alcohol?
  • every time I drink
  • about half of the time
  • occasionally
  • only once in a great while
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There are two Asian Glow cures at the current time. One Asian Glow cure is a prescription medicine and one is a home remedy.

  1. Methylpyrazole-4 is a prescription medicine which was created and designed to treat accidental ingestion of radiator fluid but it has been found, by accident, Methylpyrazole-4 is also an inhibitor of Alcohol Dehydrogenase so it does and can help alleviate and prevent Asian Glow alcohol symptoms. The biggest downside to Methylpyrazole-4 is side effects similar to Asian Glow symptoms and a price tag of as much as $1,000 per single vial!
  2. No Red Face Formula requires no prescription. No Red Face Formula is a natural blend of healthy agents which can be obtained from any health food store. A six step process which reduces the production of Acetaldehyde (the toxic byproduct produced when your body metabolizes alcohol) and greatly assists your body in the production of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 (the enzyme your body produces to remove the toxic Acetaldehyde which is the cause of Asian Glow Asian Flush symptoms).
Complete No Red Face Formula document.

The No Red Face Formula is a document created and produced by Jeremy Hawking, a former Asian Glow Asian Flush sufferer. Inside the No Red Face Formula is the exact six step system you are going to use before going out to drink. As of 10-2016 The No Red Face Formula reports a 100% success rate with all 10,000+ testers/users. The No Red Face Formula greatly alleviates or completely prevents all Asian Glow alcohol allergy symptoms allowing sufferers of Asian Glow to finally enjoy alcoholic beverages without the embarrassing red face or feeling ill. As an added side benefit of the No Red Face Formula - one of the main causes of an alcohol hangover the next day is because of Acetaldehyde toxins remaining in the bloodstream. This is why sufferers of the Asian Glow often have magnified hangovers (referred to as Asian hangover). Because the No Red Face Formula assists the body in flushing out this alcohol metabolizing byproduct many users of The No Red Face Formula report a significantly reduced or no hangover at all the next day.

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No Red Face Formula scam info.

There are some people who desire to download the No Red Face Formula ($37) but are afraid The No Red Face Formula is a scam. The reason a few people think the No Red Face Formula might be a scam is because there are no prescription medicines available (other than the extremely expensive, not so effective, Methylpyrazole-4). This makes people naturally come to the conclusion that if medical science has not figured out how to treat or cure the Asian Glow alcohol allergy then there can be no way there is an all natural non prescription Asian Glow cure. It is not that science or medicine CAN'T come up with an Asian Glow alcohol allergy cure it's that creating a medicine which makes people more alcohol tolerant is at the lowest level of priority to the medical and science community. Frankly curing Asian Glow is not to important compared to curing AIDS or cancer which certainly makes sense. The No Red Face Formula is 100% legit and real and in fact all sales and refunds (The No Red Formula has a 30 day money back guarantee) are handled by an independant third party payment processing company and not by us. Any refund requests are processed within 48 hrs. Here's a neat little trick to find out if any online product is a scam. Whenever a website registers its domain/web address they can do so for as little as one year. The longer it registers the domain name for the more expensive it is. If you view The No Red Face Formula domain info to the right notice how long this domain is registered for - for eight years until 2014. If the No Red Face Formula was a scam they certainly would not plan to stick around that long.


There are many tips to avoid Asian Flush red faced when drinking. As mentioned above the No Red Face Formula has now been tested on well over 10,000 people - former Asian Glow Asian Flush suffers. EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 10,000 people reported satisfactory results with the No Red Face Formula. Every single on of those 10,000+ No Red Face Formula users report either significantly reduced OR completely eliminated alcohol allergy symptoms and are now able to drink alcohol whenever they want in whatever quantity they want. Not only that but a great number of these No Red Face Formula customers reported a greatly reduced hangover the next day. Although not confirmed it has been report people are purchasing the No Red Face Formula who are not suffers of Asian Glow at all but want to use the No Red Face Formula simply to not have a hangover the next day. We don't recommend using the No Red Face Formula for just this purpose. Although lessened and sometimes no hangover is one of No Red Face Formula benefits the No Red Face Formula was designed to provide long lasting relief to the thousands of Asians and non Asians worldwide who suffer from the annoying and embarrassing symptoms of Asian Glow Asian Flush. That was the long answer to "How Well Does No Red Face Formula Work?". The short answer is - No Red Face Formula works extremely well and is 100% guarantees to work.

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Here is just a very short list of testimonials from just a few of the 10,000+ and growing list of fans of the No Red Face Formula. Some of the No Red Face Formula users submitted a photo while others did not. A few new No Red Face Formula users even submitted video testimonials. Want a much bigger list than what is below? Contact us.

Michelle - Chicago, USA
"Yes, I am so happy with your no red face formula, thank you for your follow up e-mail. In fact, I can confidently say that your formula has completely revived my social life. My red face from alcohol is now a thing of the past..."

Jesse - location unknown

Asian Glow? NO RED FACE FORMULA Asian Glow Cure

" Hi my name is Jesse and I would like to give you my review of the no red-faced formula. It's great because it cures what we know as Asian glow. This is when Asians like me commonly get that bright red face... check out this Asian glow cure the no red-faced formula. It is basically a home remedy guide full of natural ingredients you can get at any health food store so it is really easy..."

Chester - Hong Kong, China
"Hello, yes this worked very well for me. What was it like before your formula? Pretty bad actually, my face used to turn red every time I drank alcohol and I would become very self conscious about my red face whenever I was in public. It is such a relief to be able to drink now without having to stress out about my alcohol red face reaction - really great formula, thanks..."

Chi - Perth, Australia
"So happy with your no red face formula - yes it works for me every time I go out drinking. My alcohol red face was pretty much the sole reason why I didn't socialize. I am so happy that I don't have to worry about my face turning red face drinking alcohol anymore..."

Allie - location unknown

Does No Red Face Formula Work (Review - Ally).wmv

" Hey everybody my name is Allie. As an Asian I hated going to parties because every time I drank my face would turn bright red. I used to be embarrassed around my friends because they would always tease me about my bright red face... The no red face formula is an e-book that has an exact home remedy made up of all-natural ingredients you could get at any health food store and it is really inexpensive. You make this formula and taken about an hour or so before you go out drinking..."

No Red Face Formula user Ryan Chambers.Ryan Chambers from Sydney, Australia
"No Red Face Formula worked perfectly, thank you for the follow up e-mail. Your no red face formula was easy to follow and I now use it every time I drink alcohol to stop my red face reaction..."

Morgan - Auckland, NZ
"Yes, you may include this on your site. I am so glad! Finally something that cures my alcohol red face and better yet it is so simple and easy to follow. I am 28 now, I only wish I could have found out about this a lot earlier! Thank you so much..."

No Red Face Formula user Thomas Chang.Thomas Chang from New York, USA
"Whenever I drink alcohol I get a red face and a terrible headache that seems to never go away. Since trying the No Red Face Formula I can now drink a lot more than usual and the facial redness and headaches have been completely cured..."

Hally - location unknown

Non Asian Asian Flush Sufferer Haley No Red Face Formula

" My name is Haley. I suffer from Asian Flush. If you do not know what Asian Flush is it is a condition that makes you react ill to alcohol consumption and get an allergic reaction to alcohol like red face, itchy skin, red hives on part of the body, congestion, runny nose, racing pulse, nausea, headache, sweating. Asian Flush totally sucks! No Red Face Formula ebook is totally amazing! No Red Face Formula is a recipe of ingredients you get at a health food store that you make and take before you drink. No Red Face Formula really works like a charm.."

No Red Face Formula user Jan Nikolic.Jana Nikolic from Detroit, USA
"I was quite sure this no red face formula for my Asian Glow symptoms would not work for me. I used to get a red face when I drink alcohol and this would always be accompanied by unbearable nausea lasting days. A friend of mine got me on to your formula and I am now so happy that I gave it a try..."

Anna Kopp Vancouver, Canada
"I used to get extreme nausea and facial flushing whenever I drank alcohol. I hated that I couldn't have fun and party like all my other friends. I tried your formula because of the money back guarantee and luckily for me it worked perfectly!..."

No Red Face Formula user Evan T.Evan T. Mass, USA
"Yes, your truly. The picture of me to the right is in the middle of having an Asian Glow attack. My symptoms were red face, red patches on my neck, shoulders, chest, and thighs, congestion, runny nose, and racing pulse. The worse Asian Glow symptom I had was that I felt so bloated it was like I was overinflated and about to burst. Wish I knew about the No Red Face Formula then."


If you have ANY questions at all about The No Red Face Formula or anything related to Asian Glow Asian Flush fill out the confidential form below. Your concern will be looked over by an alcohol allergy expert and answered in less than a day. You information will be held privately in the strictest confidence. You information will not be saved, sold, or used in any manner other than to answer your No Red Face Formula question. You can also visit the No Red Face Formula forum questions and answers page to see if the information you're looking for regarding the No Red Face Formula can be found there.

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